logo LetsOWL LetsOWL – The LetsOWL.com concept is powered by TruInnovator Technology LLC. We started this mobile app development project during the year 2017. The platform is adaptable for any type of business structure or entrepreneur and allows each business entity to immediately sell using their own mobile app storefront at the lowest cost in the market with no hidden fees.
OWL allows businesses to offer a mobile app sales channel to customers without the need of any additional development. OWL works closely with business partners to understand their needs and will continue to apply new software development features to allow each business to offer a reliable product without any additional development cost.
OWN a business? Let’s talk. Let us help automate your sales ordering process and go mobile using an eco-friendly platform.
logo_ypaybills_web_fumado_2-01 YPayBills – The YPayBills.com concept was built by TruInnovator Technology a little before July 2012. This concept provides the opportunity for individuals around the world to participate together in order to have the potential of earning a payment on one of their bills. YPayBills will send a payment amount to the user that has participated and was selected on our website.
logo_lshare_web We have now expanded our company into the Marketing space through www.LigiaShare.com. “Ligia Share” does not only focus on reaching new markets like Latin America, North America or anywhere around the world. “Ligia Share” provides a platform where users can SHARE their personal life experience, story, passion and what they are doing to help change our world. Share your story and help others going through something similar at the same time.