Our customers seek Truinnovator Technology services and our data governance experience to help assess their “Archiving” and “eDiscovery” environments from a records management perspective to improve current digital investigations of ESI “Electronically Stored Information” workflows, improve application performance, ensure “Chain of Custody” during processing of data to maintain its integrity, and to minimize risk of relevant data loss during an eDiscovery investigation.

Our experience includes migration of “Archiving” and “eDiscovery” applications from an On-Prem infrastructure to an internal datacenter (Cloud environment), as well as, (AWS) Amazon Web Services or Azure Clouds.

Our staff has assisted “Federal Agencies” such as Department of Homeland Security (DHS)  (i.e. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Inspector General (OIG) and United States Secret Service (USSS)), as well as, United States Coast Guard (USCG) and The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (BCFP).

Technical Experience

Truinnovator Technology has assisted customers with the implementation, administration, assessment and maintenance of applications that help meet “Archiving” and “eDiscovery” Information Governance requirements, such as:

  • • Veritas Enterprise Vault Archive Solutions
  • • Veritas Clearwell
  • • Veritas Netbackup
  • • Relativity
  • • Relativity One
  • • Relativity Collect
  • • Microsoft O365 Purview (Standard and Premium)

Litigation Support

The Truinnovator Technology team is formed by “Judicial Science” degree eDiscovery reviewers, and by certified “Technical Specialist” in Clearwell and Eneterprise Vault Archiving with over 10 years of experience. These “Subject Matter Expert” (SME) professionals have supported “Federal Agencies” on investigations and FOIA “Freedom of Informatio Act” request.  This experience includes:

  • • End-user eDiscovery training sessions.
  • • eDiscovery workflow improvements.
  • • Processing datasets
  • • eDiscovery and archive environments assessments to ensure records managements are in place to minimize data loss in a digital discovery.
  • • Application configuration adjustments to increase performance and reliabilty.

The Truinnovator Technology team also has past performance experience installing, upgrading and configuring “Relativity” environments. Including “Smoke Test” verification and validation, as well as, dataset processing for end-user review.

(EDRM) eDiscvoery Life Cycle Management

Truinnovator Technology provides industry leading IT infrastructure support, eDiscovery workflow improvements, archive and eDiscovery application assesments, and identifying areas of improvement that lead to faster investigation or FOIA request turnarounds which results in overall cost savings.

Professional Services Offerings:

We have professional service engineers experienced in the following areas:

  • • Archive solutions (records management) implementation, configuration, administration, upgrades and maintenance. Products: (Veritas) Enterprise Vault.
  • • e-Discovery Solutions implementation, configuration, administration, upgrades and maintenance. Products: (Veritas) Clearwell, Relativity, Discovery Accelerator, etc.
  • • eDiscovery trainings, workflow assessments and identifying areas of improvement for IT cost savings.
  • • Integration and migration of applications to the Cloud: AWS, Azure, Datacenter, Office365, etc.

Our professional services engineers are specialized in each of these technologies. Experience in these areas includes upgrades, installation, administration, troubleshooting or assessments with each of these products.

  • • ITILv3 certified.