TruInnovator Technology also offers engineering services in Web Design, Graphic Design and Software Development as a Developer as a Service (DaaS) concept, as well as, Social Media Marketing Analyst as a Service (MAAS) concept at a fixed rate. We can provide this type of support for your projects on a monthly or long-term basis.

Developer as a Service (DaaS)

We provide a team of experienced engineers specialized in Mobile Development, Software Development, Web Development, and Graphic Designers to support our customers, and in most cases we are able to provide this support at Junior level rates. This team is assigned as dedicated support to all of our customers that seek this type of service during an agreed period of time at a fixed rate. All engineering support we provide is remote only (i.e. Our HQ offices). We do not focus on providing onsite support in order to have the ability to keep our rates low.


  • • This service allows our customers to reduce their costs by not having the need to provide employee benefits when hiring a full time employee for the same job responsibilities.
  • • This service allows customers reach their projected milestones in a timely manner because our teams are built with engineers that contain “Senior” level experience.
  • • We offer a team of engineers at a fixed rate that may equal the annual salary of a “Junior” engineer.
  • • “Junior” engineers in the majority of cases may only be specialized in a specific amount of technology. Our engineers are specialized in various technologies. Therefore, when we assign a team to support the needs of our customers it gives “TruInnovator Technology” the ability to increase the portfolio of our offerings.

Social Media Marketing Analyst as a Service (MAAS):

We provide a team of “Marketing Analyst” to focus and assist with your organizations Social Media Marketing strategies. Similar to our engineering team; our “Marketing Analyst” will provide remote support only (i.e. Our HQ offices) in order to keep our rates low.  We also offer this type of service at a fixed rate.


  • • Our “Marketing Analyst” will maintain your Social Media accounts and post ads or your marketing strategies in order to reach your targeted audience.
  • • We can offer this service in Spanish and English.


  • • In order for us to ensure we are communicating appropriate content to your audience; it will be required that we work directly with one of your employees. Your employee must provide us with some direction in regards to what content or idea your company would like to transmit to your customers.

Other offerings:

  • • We automatically include “Graphic Design” offerings with this service. Therefore, we will create designs for Flyers, banners, images, etc. based on the guidance of your employee mentioned under the “Requirement” section above in order to create content that can be used for Social Media Marketing Strategies.

Here are some visual examples of designs we have created for the web pages we are marketing today on Social Media (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, etc.):

owl phone owl Saltenas camila call owl owl ads owl ads
ypb_compu semana_salud oktober_fls ls_movil bills1
d_violencia_flyer bills2 fashion_ls flyer_octubre

Other intangible savings benefits by using any of our services above:

  • • No need to hire and provide employee benefits
  • • No need to acquire more office space or acquire office materials.
  • • No need to acquire additional software licenses to support your applications.